Off Site Framing: Design, Frame and Build Rapid Home Construction
The Future of Residential Construction is here Now!

When given the choice of using manufactured roof trusses or constructing the roof on site, most builders would agree that trusses save them time, money and headaches during the home building process. However, for some reason builders do not apply this reasoning to construction of the entire home. By our own construction experience we have proven that a system of panel construction can and does save time and money by preconstructing the floor system and walls along with the roof system.

Prefabricated wall panels have all the same time and costs benefits of manufactured roof trusses in today’s market but only the most progressive builders take advantage of this technology. Preconstructed wall panels can be built on or off site using our CAD framing drawings. Architectural drawings are down loaded to the computer and the wall panels are designed with bearing points and shear plywood called out for each homes specific needs. As you can imagine, it is much more efficient and practical to place shear plywood on walls that are flat rather than on walls that are upright.

Wall panels and stair package on truck and ready to be sent to construciton site With our detailed construction drawings the roof package is broken down into each and every rafter. Each rafter is dimensioned with notches and angles. Likewise with the floor system the joist and beams each have their own cut dimensions. The stair system can be preconstructed ready to crane in place which makes construction of the second story more accessible. With the riser, treads, strings and landing platforms already completed the preconstruction is quick and easy.

Our detailed framing drawings give the builder a complete material list with each piece of lumber labeled and cut dimensions called out. We work closely with the architect and builder to solve any unforseen problems and supply the builder with accurate detailed drawings before fabrication of walls has begun.

Prefabricated walls panels being set with a craneWith detailed framing drawings and a complete and accurate material list a complicated project can be broken down and made simple and manageable thereby opening the way for competitive bids from smaller framing crews or framing crews out of the area where labor and overhead is less. By using our system, the builder will save months of construction time for his clients.

Traditional timber framing construction relies on the trade contractors to assemble all framing after the foundation, plumbing and heating contractors have completed their work. Bad weather, scheduling conflicts, construction errors and maintaining a qualified labor force can all lead to work delays or expensive changes. With our system, wall panels can be constructed off site or on site along with floor packages and roof packages before they are needed. In short, with the use of our detailed framing drawings all of the framing fabrication can be completed while the foundation is under construction tremendously reducing construction time. Small lot size or steep hill sides could make framing and lumber storage difficult. Setting preconstructed walls by crane eliminates the need for large framing crews which in turn saves labor costs.

Framing packages on callWe have been in the construction business for over 35 years and have searched for ways to enable construction to be more efficient and cost effective. With our detailed construction drawings and preconstructing framing either on site or off site we have developed a system that saves both construction time and expense. Framing walls on a flat surface saves time; using forklifts to pack lumber and plywood saves time; having cut dimensions called out for each rafter saves time; craning and erecting a first floor wall packing in a day, which normally takes weeks, saves time; having the second floor package, floors and walls, and the roof package preconstructed and waiting to be erected, saves time.

So, in short, by using our CAD framing system your construction project can be completed much faster saving you both time and money.